AS Baltic Rail was established in 2008 to develop rail freight services on the North-South corridor between Finland and Central Europe.  It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rail World BV and works very closely with Rail Polska.  The development of North-South rail services in the region has been inhibited by the different gauges being used.  The longer-term vision of Baltic Rail is to employ gauge-changing technology on freight wagons to enable trains to cross effectively between the 1520mm gauge system used in Finland and the Baltic States and the 1435mm gauge generally used in Europe.  The technology will allow trains to travel on a regular timetable, taking less than 36 hours between Tallinn and Warsaw.


Rail World has a wholly owned subsidiary, Rail Polska Sp z o.o., based in Warsaw, Poland.  Rail Polska was founded in 1999 for the purpose of facilitating acquisitions in the Polish rail market.  Rail Polska is working with government and other interested parties on structural issues involved in the planned privatization of the Polish State Railways (PKP). Rail Polska completed two acquisitions in early 2003: the shortline railway Kolex (based in Oswiecim) and the coal operation of Zec Trans (based in Wroclaw).  Kolex and Zec Trans have both been granted unrestricted operator licenses on the Polish rail network, and have commenced long-haul train operations in October 2003.

Rail World Ukraine was established in 2009. We did a deep and systematic research before actually entering the market of forwarding and add-on services. We have a reliable team benefiting from a great experience of our partner-companies and management, who both set the highest standards of service for clients. Rail World Ukraine provides best solutions, products and services of railway freight forwarding.

Rail World Locomotive Leasing, LLC (RWLL) was established in August 2001 and is a sister company of Rail World, Inc., a railway management, consulting and investment corporation specializing in privatizations and restructurings.  RWLL began operations in early 2002 with the acquisition of Amtrak's locomotive leasing portfolio, and fifty one (51) of Amtrak's highest quality surplus EMD F40-PH-2 locomotives.