EMD F40M-2F (Front)

EMD F40M-2F (Back)

EMD F40-PH-2 (Front)

EMD F40-PH-2 (Back







Rail World Locomotive Leasing was established in August 2001 and is a sister company of Rail World, Inc., a railway management, consulting and investment corporation specializing in privatizations and restructurings.  RWLL began operations in early 2002 with the acquisition of Amtrak's locomotive leasing portfolio, and fifty one (51) of Amtrak's highest quality surplus EMD F40-PH-2 locomotives.  Subsequent to this acquisition RWLL has acquired a reasonable fleet of freight locomotives including B23-7s and SD40-2s.

RWLL was established by Edward A. Burkhardt (founder of Wisconsin Central Ltd) who is the company's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. The company has a strategic partnership agreement with Rail World, Inc., that allows RWLL to a acquire all of its corporate support services on an as needed basis with minimal fixed and overhead costs. RWLL has sustained profitability for seven consecutive years.

RWLL serves both the North American domestic and international leasing markets and leases equipment in Central America, Canada, and from the Eastern US to Alaska.  RWLL's customer base consists of the growing US commuter rail market, tour and excursion operators, and business trains for class I and short line freight railroads.

RWLL develops tailor made leases, for its clients, that take into account the term structure of lease rates, as well as ownership and return options for flexibility.  RWLL offers timely warranty and customer support and is willing to share in the risk of asset performance, which is a direct result of the confidence in the quality power that it leases.  RWLL also has strategic relationships with quality rebuilders and can offer a "rebuilt" to new locomotive on a lease, purchase or finance basis.

The EMD F40-PH-2 locomotives, available through RWLL, are one of the highest quality passenger locomotives available for lease in the industry.  All of RWLL locomotives are FRA certified and EPA compliant through 2007, and have fresh 3 year air brake dates.  A rigid inspection and testing process was put in place so that only the best of Amtrak's surplus fleet were selected, and RWLL was the first to purchase from Amtrak's surplus fleet of F40s.Home

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